My grandmother Maria Helena Friedlaender was a righteous among the nations.

She was the German Christian wife of my German Jewish grandfather, the Typographer Henri Friedlander. She hid my grandfather and some others for 1018 days in an attic in a small hut in the for...

9 illustrated covers for the International Journal of Gynecologist cancer.
The theme that was chosen for all the 2016 volumes is ‘‘compassion’’ and calls attention to this much deserved issue, which is such a great part of the practice of gyneco- logical oncology.

The Great Marzipan Project

Follow in Franzisca Baruch's footsteps.
Franzisca was a German Jewish virtuous Graphic designer and a typographer,a colleague and a friend of my grandfather the typographer Henri Friedlaender.

In the first years after she had moved to Jerusal...

An illustrated manual and a visual dictionary for the text by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari - "November 28: 1947: How Do You Make Yourself a Body without Organs?", in A Thousand Plateaus. The matching quotes from the text are below each illustration in the album. T...

לפני שנה בערך כתבתי עבודה (במסגרת התואר השני שבהשהייה בינתיים) על דימוי המוות של ניקול בראון. איך יכול להיות וכמה נורא שגם בתמונה האחרונה שלה היא מוצגת כגוף חשוף, מיני, מפתה, שמלת קטנה שחורה ושפתיים. מה שנשאר מהן בכל אופן ולא פוצץ במכות בידיים של בעלה. סנאף כזה שמשכיח...

The 'Gothic Queen' pin line - A collaboration with 'Frombie' - Featured at the Comic con 2017 New York
She is like Persephone in the time she has to go back to the underworld and spend the winter with Hades.
Down there everything blooms when she returns, just with skel...

Every day is woman's day - Personal project for woman's day

Digital collage made of nature illustrations from the 19th century

As seen on Creators/Vice Magazine:

Flower Power // Creators Vice Magazine

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