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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Great Marzipan Project -

Follow in Franzisca Baruch's footsteps. Franzisca was a German Jewish virtuous Graphic designer and a typographer, a colleague and a friend of my grandfather the typographer Henri Friedlaender.

In the first years after she had moved to Jerusalem (Back in 1933),To earn a living she sold Marzipan cakes by her own special design under the brand name "Tufiney Baruch" (Baruch's Biscuits). This project of Ronit Vered and mine is a homage to her work .

We had this project in our minds for a long time, and we waited patiently for the perfect timing- On 20 October 2015 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem opened the exhibition "New Types: Three Pioneers of Hebrew Graphic Design," in collaboration with the German Literature Archive at Marbach and with the support of the Goethe Institute. The exhibition, curated by graphic designer Ada Wardi, will present the work of three groundbreaking designers, each an expert in his or her field: Dr. Moshe Spitzer ; Franzisca Baruch and Henri Friedlaender.

Photo credit: Dan Peretz

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